Track your Learning

With the changes to the CPD regulations you now need to keep a track of your learning rather than just turn up and get your CPD points.  Learning is much more than attending a course, but in order to prove compliance how would you record your learning?

Download our CPD Learning Templates to help you:

ResourcesReflective Learning Record

Planning Learning Activity

Creating Learning Outcomes


Lumina Spark Sample Report

Lumina Spark is an excellent tool to rais self awareness about behavioural preferences and how you can interact with others more effectively.

Download a sample Lumina Spark report  to see how powerful this can be:

Spark_SplatChris Sample – Lumina Spark Full 



360 Sample Reports

In order to get some feedback on how you view yourself compared to how others view you against an agreed set of competencies 360 Feedback can be very helpful.

Download a sample 360 report to see how this information may help you or your organisation:

lawyer Lawyer360360 report


app360_largelogo copyexample 360 report


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