Competency Frameworks

A competency framework outlines the knowledge, skills and behaviour required to be effective within any given role or set of roles. Many organisations already have ways of assessing how technical competence is applied; a competency framework can include these, but also goes one step further focusing on behaviours i.e. how people do their job not only what they do.

Having a competency framework in place meets specific organisational needs:

  1. It reduces the risk of inconsistency or inequality
  2. It assures the behaviours critical to your business are in focus at all points of the employment relationship and
  3. It simplifies people-related processes for busy managers by giving a clear indication of what actions and behaviours are involved in any given role.

We have developed competencies for a range of roles within organisations, which can be easily adapted to be appropriate for your culture.

Using a Competency Framework as the backbone of your people management processes and systems will help you by providing assurance that:Competencies spine 3

  • Equality is supported and promoted by providing objective criteria for development and promotion
  • Your teams are focused on the key behavioural aspects of being part of a successful organisation, in addition to the technical aspects
  • Key requirements of areas such as client care are fully understood within your organisation with the right behaviours being encouraged and demonstrated.
  • The complexity of the business tools necessary to run an effective¬†organisation are minimised
  • A consistent approach is adopted across departments and processes
  • A common language is created within your organisation to recruit, develop, performance manage and promote people
  • A more co-ordinated approach to learning and development and succession planning can be achieved.