Our experienced facilitators can support your organisation to get the very best from your people in a variety of situations;

Leadership team meetings We facilitate robust, honest and open discussion of issues.   Our experienced facilitators can take a flexible and intelligent approach to helping senior teams to “see the wood from the trees” by managing the meeting from a position of independence.

Away-days Providing informative cutting-edge content and facilitating discussion on the development of strategy or implementation; we can help ensure that our away-day is kept on track and outcomes are achieved.

Managing collective and individual consultation as part of a redundancy exercise – When time or expertise is short within your organisation, we can support you to to manage consultation and ensure that matters progress at an appropriate pace.

Facilitating an organisation re-design processEnsuring that a robust process is followed to a clear timetable , we can ensure that your organisation redesign is achieved.

Athena Professional were down to earth, articulate and extremely knowledgeable

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