Our experienced facilitators can support your organisation to get the very best from your people in a variety of situations;

Leadership team meetings In planning sessions, or where difficult issues are being discussed an experienced facilitator can enable your team to see the wood from the trees by managing the meeting from a position of independence.

Away-days Where you are taking your team away to work on a particular issue, or to develop strategies for the future, an external facilitator can help ensure that the day is kept on track and outcomes are achieved.

Managing collective and individual consultation as part of a redundancy exercise – Where there is limited time or expertise within your organisation to manage consultation, our facilitators can support you to ensure that matters progress at an appropriate pace.

Facilitating an organisation redesign processEnsuring that a robust process is followed to a clear timetable , we can ensure that your organisation redesign is achieved.

Athena Professional were down to earth, articulate and extremely knowledgeable

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