Organisation Design

Is your business structure fit for purpose?

Your structure may have been appropriate when it was created, but business and markets move on.

Mergers and acquisitions are often a catalyst for re-thinking organisation design.

However, it can serve you well at any time to have a long hard look at your structure to see whether it is helping or hindering your ability to achieve your goals.

Often the structure of a business is intrinsically linked to the culture and to change one it becomes necessary to tackle issues in the other.

Athena Professional provides expertise in the management of organisation design projects, and the culture change challenges that flow from them.

We provide:

  • A simple, structured approach to designing the organisation that best meets your business goals
  • Insight into the key factors you need to consider when creating a new organisation
  • A framework for you to make organisation design decisions
  • Support for your organisation throughout the change process.

Change is not easy for anyone.  Knowing why and how change is going to happen can make a difference to the way in which new ideas and ways of working are received, understood and accepted.

Change is never achieved over-night; it needs planning and support to ensure success.