Learning Strategy


We can help you to:

  • Integrate learning activities and business goals
  • Create a learning culture to attract and keep talented people in your business
  • Equip staff to make changes to the way they work every day
  • Use digital learning effectively
  • Maximise return on investment

Learning for Performance

The purpose of learning at work is to improve individual performance as a means to achieving business goals.  A traditional “sheep dip” approach to training, in which people attend a course for  day, rarely leads to changes in behaviour, because learners revert to habitual practice quickly.  The value to business is reduced or lost, although boxes may have been ticked.

To get the most from learning there needs to be a link between personal motivation and professional contribution to business goals.  Ways to get people engaged with learning to improve performance include:

  • Creating a purposeful learning strategy so that people can see why the learning matters and how it makes a difference
  • Designing experiential learning which equips people to deal with the challenges of daily working life
  • Providing people with opportunities to learn in their own way, at their own speed
  • Using coaching to support and challenge to people to change behaviour
  • Acknowledging commitment to learning and good performance