Continuous Learning

We can help you to:

  • Integrate learning activities and the future of your business
  • Create a learning culture to attract and engage talented people
  • Equip staff to make changes to the way they work every day
  • Use digital learning effectively
  • Maximise the impact of learning interventions

Learning to contribute

The purpose of learning at work is to enable people to contribute to the emerging future of the business.  To get the most from learning there needs to be a link between personal motivation and professional contribution to creating that future work.  Ways to get people engaged with learning to make an effective contribution include:

  • Connecting the learning effort to the idea of emerging possibilities and the creation of future work
  • Creating a purposeful learning strategy so that people can see why the learning matters and how it makes a difference the them, their team and the business
  • Designing experiential learning which is fun, engaging and relevant
  • Helping people particularise their learning so that it makes sense for them and their own work effort
  • Using coaching to support and challenge to people to change behaviour
  • Acknowledging commitment to learning individually and as an organisation