A competency framework to demonstrate continuing competence

In November 2016 the CPD hour ceased. The SRA have now moved to a continuing competence based approach to personal development. Solicitors are required by the SRA to make a declaration of competence to practise each year by demonstrating continuing competence, rather than completing 16 hours cpd.

But what do the SRA mean by competent?

SRA Continuing Competence

The SRA define competence as:

the ability to perform the roles and tasks required by one’s job to the expected standard (Eraut & du Boulay 2001).

In layman’s terms – the skills knowledge & behaviours to do your job well.

How do you measure continuing competence?

Using a competency framework, which defines observable behaviours, can be enormously helpful.  At Athena Professional we have  developed a continuing competence framework for the legal sector.  Our competency framework maps back to the SRA competencies, thus ensuring you are in a position to make your declaration of competence to practise.

If you would like to download our continuing competence framework please click here.

Competency Framework for the Legal Sector 2017.

And if as a result of reviewing this framework you would like to talk to us about how to demonstrate continuing competence please contact us.