Speaking & Facilitation

Nicola Jones is an experienced speaker and facilitator.  As a former barrister, she quite likes an audience and has spoken at conferences and events over years, including the Law Society, Lumina Learning Global Conference and numerous business forums.  Topics are often related to learning design and delivery and the future of work.

Nicola and Athena Professional’s associates are down-to-earth sorts, who are used to reading a room and inviting people to contribute to meaningful discussion.  As facilitators we can help your organisation to get beyond “meeting mode” and engage in some serious collaboration, for example:

Leadership team meetings We facilitate robust, honest and open discussion of issues.   Our experienced facilitators can take a flexible and intelligent approach to helping senior teams to “see the wood from the trees” by managing the meeting from a position of independence.

Away-days Providing informative cutting-edge content and facilitating discussion on the development of strategy or implementation; we can help ensure that our away-day is kept on track and outcomes are achieved.

Managing collective and individual consultation as part of a redundancy exercise – When time or expertise is short within your organisation, we can support you to to manage consultation and ensure that matters progress at an appropriate pace.

Facilitating an organisation re-design processEnsuring that a robust process is followed to a clear timetable , we can ensure that your organisation redesign is achieved.

Athena Professional were down to earth, articulate and extremely knowledgeable

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