Development Programmes

An award-winning approach

Our expertise in designing programmes with real business impact has been recognised by the Association for Business Pscychology.  In 2017 we won their award for “Excellence in Coaching & Training” for a blended learning programme we designed and delivered for a team of Graduates at City & Country, a heritage property developer.  This built on our award in 2016 with a director development blended learning programme.

Blended learning involves using a range of learning methods to establish understanding and develop skills.  We use a mixture of online learning, face-to-face experiential learning and coaching to move senior people from intellectual acceptance into action.

Our approach creates evidence of success over time, improving confidence and demonstrating the value of development to the organisation.

We work hard to ensure that professional development initiatives are tailored to individual and organisational need.  We get to know our learners, so that we can create effective relationships to support real changes in behaviour at work.

The Case for Investing in Development Programmes

We recognise that professional people are usually trained to be experts in their field, not to lead and manage a business through change.

Equipping busy, established professional people with the skills to embrace change is challenging, but vital.  Here are some reasons why investing in learning makes good, commercial sense:

  • Business growth relies on skilled people being able to deliver consistently
  • Realising the potential of high performers, and keeping them, means providing real opportunity for professional growth and progression
  • New ways of working requires adaptability
  • Being able to delegate effectively frees up time to think strategically and provide direction to a team

Delivering Changes in Behaviour

Learning to inspire a team, having a difficult conversation or coaching a colleague does not fit with traditional didactic learning models.  Acquiring these skills begins with experiential learning, but also takes practice, a positive attitude and proper support in the work-place.  Athena Professional can help you to set up an intelligent, integrated approach to make investment in learning worthwhile.

Evidence of Impact

Establishing the impact of development programmes helps to generate commitment to learning.  Establishing ability at the outset and conclusion of any learning intervention helps to generate evidence of impact.  We use a range of tools and methods to obtain qualitative and quantitative information on performance to build a picture of individual or team progress.

At Athena Professional we create evidence of compliance as part of the learning experience.  Our learning programmes include opportunities for participants to identify their learning needs, reflect, and record how they use new knowledge and skills.

Compliance with CPD provisions

We can also help organisations to set up compliance with cpd regulations, where required, at an organisational level, for example by:

  • Working out who needs to demonstrate which competencies; not everyone needs to meet them all!
  • Getting everyone on-board with demonstrating reflective practice
  • Helping to make work-based learning opportunities purposeful and beneficial