Own Learning: Own the Future

Enabling people to create their future work

Athena Professional is a multiple award-winning consultancy specialising in helping professional people take ownership of their own learning and thereby their own future and their future contribution to work.


Led by Nicola Jones, a former barrister with more than 20 years’ experience in the design and facilitation of learning, we use a combination of learning delivery methods including, interactive workshops, online learning, coaching and work-based learning to enable people to define new ways of working and behaving in ways that suit them and met the demands of their work.

Our award-winning blended learning approach has real business impact, because we challenge and support people to move learning from the classroom into the workplace. We help people to contribute their best, to use new skills with confidence and to adapt and embrace new ways of working.

Our values

We hold dear the belief that people are resourceful and want to contribute their best.  We encourage all those we work with to begin their learning journey by understanding more about themselves and the impact they have on others.  By appreciating our own behaviours we can appreciate what others have to offer.  This is a fundamentally inclusive approach based on the principle of acceptance of self and recognition of others.  We believe that is the bedrock of great leadership.

We believe in:

  • Compassion
  • Reason
  • Courage





Specialising in Strategic HR, L&D strategy, all aspects of blended learning and executive coaching.  We help individuals within organisations work out for themselves what they need to do differently and as a result enable real change in their work and relationships to achieve results.

Learning needs to make a contribution to strategic goals. Implementing strategy is about moving people from intellectual acceptance into action, which is much harder than it sounds! Using face-to-face experiential learning, online learning, and coaching either as stand-alone activities or in blended learning programmes helping people change behaviour at work.

Creating a “safe” place for people to share thoughts, take risks and learn.  We often find that time spent together in this environment has huge added value for senior teams; conversations start; people listen to each other.

Used with sensitivity and integrity, developmental tools, such as psychometrics and 360 appraisal, can have the potential to provide powerful information to inform development, e.g., in group or individual coaching.