Learning to change behaviour

  • Coaching & Mentoring

Athena Professional is led by Nicola Jones, a former barrister who specialises in learning & development, and Jane Green-Armytage an HR professional & executive coach with extensive experience working with SMEs and supporting law firm clients.

Our Proposition

Organisations need to be agile, efficient and truly getting the best from their people.   We believe changing behaviour is key.  We help professional organisations learn how to change the behaviour of their people:

What do we offer?

What are the benefits?

Consultancy   to align people strategy with business need Establishing a people culture which supports business growth and embeds culture
Development Programmes to develop non-technical skills to support change & growth Developing practical people skills to support leaders and management through the process of change
Coaching & Mentoring to challenge & support people to be their best at work Coaching individuals to develop their capability outside of their legal expertise
Performance Management to measure and manage the contributions people make Developing effective performance and reward systems to measure and to recognise commitment and performance
Organisational Design to make business fit for purpose Getting to grips with business structure; identifying what works and what can change
Development tools e.g. Psychometrics & 360 Appraisal to identify personal and organisational strengths and weaknesses Evidencing “competence” and providing powerful developmental information

How we work

At the core of all that we do at Athena Professional is a belief in the value of people; their ability to learn, to work together, change behaviour and to become skilled, self-motivated, confident people.  Our purpose is to be creative about devising ways to engage this potential to serve business need.

We take an intelligent & sensitive approach to working with our clients to identify requirements.  Where possible we seek to work with the grain of client organisations by spotting ways to engage key staff in the process of behavioural change, building on existing strengths and being honest about the challenges.

The opportunity

All businesses need highly skilled professionals who are motivated, committed to achieving the best results, and who choose to give their best at work.  Tapping into all the talents that your people possess makes excellent business sense.

What our clients say about us:

Athena Professional conducted a comprehensive review of training needs for us.  They provided sensible advice aimed at overall business need.

We were extremely impressed that they listened carefully to our requirements and then proposed well thought out, practical solutions that met our needs rather than trying to get our business to fit around standard solutions

Managing Director, Medium sized solicitors, Essex, September 2014

The workshops gave me and my senior team real tools to use and opened up new ways of behaving in our day-to-day work.  The emphasis on “learning through doing” allowed us to practise new skills and develop confidence.  A recent course was described by a colleague as “one of the best I have ever been on”

Managing Partner, Regional Law firm, September 2014

Jane conducted a 1:1 coaching programme with an individual at [client company] that resulted in measurable improvement in performance.  She quickly gained the confidence of the coachee.  Jane and the coachee kept good contact with me throughout to enable progress to be monitored.  If you have a specific performance related situation to manage, speak to Jane about what a coaching intervention can achieve.

HR Partner, Regional Legal Practice 2013

Nicola was a fantastic trainer.  Down to earth, articulate and extremely knowledgeable

Marketing Manager, Law Firm

Nicola was so engaging and motivating.  I now can’t wait to mentor!

Associate Solicitor


Athena Professional were recommended to us to assist in resolving a delicate and potentially difficult situation involving long-serving members of staff. The upshot was that matters were resolved successfully, rapidly and to the satisfaction of all parties, while avoiding undue cost. The advice and guidance from Athena Professional was exactly what we needed.

Non Exec Chairman, SME, Warwickshire

As a Non Executive Director I have found the support of Athena Professional to be invaluable.Their straight forward advice gave me the confidence to carry out my duties ensuring that the companies position was protected at every stage of the process.

Chief Executive, SME, Leicestershire, July 2013

I just wanted to say thank you for facilitating the feedback today, it was very useful.  I was initially a little nervous to take part in the whole 360 review, as I’m sure many people are, but actually, I found it helpful and your feedback was insightful and challenging.

Teacher – Hackney Senior School and Sixth Form College, July 2013

In a recent Tribunal judgement Jane was commended by the panel:

The appeal hearing took place on 13th April 2012.  It was chaired by Ms Jane Green-Armytage….The tribunal find that this was a very thorough appeal process.   The appeal also dealt with the grievance decision as well as the decision to dismiss.

On 30th April 2012, Ms Green-Armytage wrote to [the Claimant] to inform him that both his appeals had been rejected…It sets out in considerable detail the findings that she had made and the reasons for her decisions

Employment Tribunal Reserved Judgement, April 2013

They were very helpful in evaluating our HR procedures.  They were very friendly, totally professional and raised a number of pertinent issues. Not only did they demystify the “HR world”, they also proved invaluable in helping us to make an important HR appointment. All in all, a friendly, supportive and intuitive company. Thank you.

Headmaster, West Midlands Senior School, November 2012