Learning for Performance

  • Learning Strategy


Improving Business Performance Through People

At Athena Professional, we support individuals and organisations to change bewinners-workforceawardhaviour at work by:

  • Creating learning aligned to business strategy
  • Taking a strategic approach to the management of people
  • Delivering return on investment by moving people from thought into action

We help businesses create the conditions in which people understand what is expected of them and can contribute their best efforts.

Our award-winning approach has real business impact, helping to deliver a lp-accreditation-webbetter skilled and motivated people and to create the conditions in which they are able to embrace new ways of working to create change and growth.

What our clients say about us:

Following our work with Athena Professional we have the best combination and level of skills and experience we have ever had, enabling us to focus on future challenges with a shared vision of how we will achieve them.  Helen Moore, Managing Director, City & Country



Specialising in Strategic HR, L&D strategy, all aspects of blended learning and executive coaching.we help individuals within organisations work out for themselves what they need to do differently in order to get real change in their work and relationships to achieve results.

We are interested in making a contribution to strategic goals. Implementing strategy is about moving people from intellectual acceptance into action, which is much harder than it sounds! We use face-to-face experiential learning, online learning, and coaching, either as stand-alone activities, or in blended learning programmes to help people change their behaviour at work.

We create a “safe” place for people to share thoughts, take risks and learn and often find that time spent together in this environment has huge added value for senior teams; conversations start; people listen to each other.

Used with sensitivity and integrity, developmental tools, such as psychometrics and 360 appraisal, can have the potential to provide powerful information to inform development, e.g., in group or individual coaching. I am a member of the ABP.